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Augment Reality & Web Project with Evelin Felix Lindberg.

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Description #

ALIASING is an ongoing exploration of imaginings of online space, mediated perception and digital identity. aliasingxaliasing is the newest implementation of the project, manifesting in an interactive work for two communicating virtual spaces.

The project explores aliasing both as being perceived – named – and as a discrepancy between what is perceived and the means by which it is perceived – what it means to wrap a thought in words and to be present with one another within technologically mediated collectives, as much as to capture a variably oscillating light source through the fixed frame rate of a camera.

The work was produced as a study for a larger upcoming work including a physical exhibition, and was shown during BROWSER SOUND 2023: LOCATION SHARING, presented both for an audience in person exploring the AR-app, and a remote audience accessing the browser app. Both of these experiences connect and mediate the perspectives of the work as seen by the other participants.

The work was co-developed by Steffen Reichelt and Evelin Felix Lindberg in 2023, utilising smartphone-based mixed reality and webGL and featuring 59 sound files, 7 videos and several 3D models.